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Abbeycare Offers Abbeycare offers ONE SESSION QUIT SMOKING HYPNOSIS to clients who are ready to Kick that deadly smoking habit.


Quit Smoking Hypnosis

In my 20 years experience as a practicing psychotherapist, I have found that Quit Smoking Hypnosis is the most requested and most successful intervention for losing this unhealthy habit.

Over this time, I have developed and perfected my unique quit smoking hypnosis protocol which is the skilled application of a combination of powerful interventions designed to zap your smoking habit at the source.

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To book a session of hypnotherapy for smoking, please contact me today.

How Quit Smoking Hypnosis Works

I have designed my hour and a half quit smoking hypnosis experience to re-code your unconscious systems so that toxic beliefs and response patterns are deleted and replaced by life enhancing beliefs and response patterns.

From the beginning, I will use hypnotic language patterns. Expert clinical use of hypnotic change language causes the mind, at the deep unconscious level, to become receptive.

By using this language, this allows the actual clinical hypnosis to be very effective. We then work to delete unwanted urges and cravings and recode your mind with a new set of beliefs, desires, and responses.

What The Session Entails

To design the best stop smoking hypnosis therapy, I have used three powerful clinical interventions to help delete unwanted cravings.

Thought Field Therapy

Thought Field Therapy

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is a simple, self-healing technique that works with the energy centres known as the Meridians. TFT has been found to be very effective in neutralising urges and cravings that drive a smoking habit.

This works best when the client hasn’t smoked from the night before.

Information Gathering

Information Gathering

Before I hypnotise a client, I need to spend tine gathering the information I need to identify and target the causes, triggers, and connections that underlie their smoking habit. Also, I then work to identify new beliefs.

QuitSmoking Hypnosis

Quit Smoking Hypnosis

At this point, I then will hypnotise my client. This creates an altered state of consciousness which allows me access to your unconscious system, and the ability for us to reprogram it together.

If you are ready to stop smoking, contact me today to book your quit smoking hypnosis.

FAQ About Stop Smoking Hypnosis

  • I am looking for hypnosis for smoking near me, where are you based?

    I am based in Templeogue, Dublin, and offer my stop smoking hypnosis to clients all over Dublin.

  • How much do your stop smoking hypnosis sessions cost?

    Your two hour Abbeycare Quit Smoking package 175 euro.

    This will include:

    1. Tapping Therapy (TFT) to zap that smoking urge;
    2. In depth questionnaire incorporating hypnotic behavioural change language patterns;
    3. Customised Quit smoking Hypnosis;
    4. 20 min. Quit smoking hypnosis MP3 sent to your phone.