Clinical Hypnotherapy

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Clinical Hypnotherapy

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Hypnosis can be a powerful life changing therapy in the treatment of a range of problem states: unwanted habits, fears and phobias, social anxiety, confidence, self-esteem, bullying and assertiveness issues.


Clinical hypnotherapy is different from Stage Hypnosis in that you never lose consciousness or control. As a trained Clinical hypnotherapist I create an Altered State of Consciousness during which your  normal frames of reference are temporarily suspended, and I can plant in the rich fertile soil of your Unconscious mind the seeds of the new learnings, beliefs, reactions and responses that will enable you to respond appropriately and effectively to those old problem situations.

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What Is Hypnosis?

Clinical Hypnosis allows the therapist to suspend your usual mental frames of reference, allowing access to the deep Unconscious part of your mind which stores all your experiences, emotions behavior and distress patterns.


 The deeply relaxed state of trance allows core issues to be dealt with easily and permanently.

FAQ About Clinical Hypnotherapy

  • Can anyone be hypnotised?

    Yes, any person can be hypnotised. All hypnosis is considered self-hypnosis, and I, the hypnotherapist, am just there to act as a guide to lead you through the trance.

  • Will I be under your control?

    No, this is a common misconception. I will not be able to control you at all during our clinical hypnotherapy sessions. You will be fully aware throughout the whole session, and in full control.

  • What can clinical hypnotherapy help with?

    Clinical hypnotherapy helps with breaking habits that no longer serve you. As well, I offer hypnotherapy for stress and anxiety, and hypnotherapy for phobias. Please contact me to learn more about what clinical hypnotherapy can help you with.


    Your Custom Hypnosis session costs €90.