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As a qualified Counsellor I am able to offer you a safe space to unpack troubling issues, and to discover the untapped strengths and resources that can take you to where you want to be.



Hypnosis can be a powerful, life changing therapy in the treatment of a range of problem states:

Fears and phobias, social anxiety, confidence, self-esteem, bullying and assertiveness issues.

Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Quit Smoking Hypnosis

My One Session Quit Smoking Hypnosis uses the skilled application of proven interventions designed to delete your smoking habit at source.

About Abbeycare Hypnotherapy & Counselling

Patricia Ryan

I’m a registered HypnoPsychotherapist based in Templeogue, Dublin. I started in private practice over twenty years ago. Through continued professional training and clinical experience I have developed a wide range of effective psychotherapeutic approaches which have proven successful in addressing stressful problems and developing inner strengths.



As a therapist I tend to be Future Focused. This means I start by encouraging you to clarify exactly what is happening in your life that you don’t want to happen any more, and then help you to visualise what would be changed in your life if the problem no longer existed.

Obviously the question of why the problems have arisen require some attention, but in my experience problems are solved more rapidly if the client is more future focused.

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Session Structure

1. The Problem As It Is
Identifying the problem you are having and the distorted thought, belief and response patterns that have been maintaining and re-enforcing the feelings of stress, helplessness and de-motivation you have.

2. The Preferred Scenario
Defining exactly what you hope to achieve from our time together, what the future without your problem looks like.

3. The Action Program
We will then engage in the appropriate therapy and intervention to enable you to make the cognitive changes that will empower you to reach your desired future

Problems I Treat

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Fears and phobias

  • Panic attacks

  • Bullying

  • Motivation

  • Confidence

  • Assertiveness training

  • Guilt and shame

  • Jealousy

  • Non-clinical depression

  • Relationship problems

  • Self-image and self-esteem

  • Public speaking

  • Interview anxiety

  • Social anxiety

  • Exam stress

  • Driving test anxiety

  • Fear of flying

  • Dental & medical procedures

  • Habit management

  • One session stop smoking hypnosis

Abbeycare Hypnotherapy & Counselling FAQ

  • I am looking for counselling near me, where are you located?

    I am based in Templeogue, Dublin. However, I offer my psychotherapy to clients through video chat as well.

  • How much do your services cost?

    I pride myself on providing an affordable counselling service to my clients. A normal counselling session costs 70 euro for 60 minutes. For my stop smoking hypnosis, I charge 175 euro for a session that lasts 2 hours.

  • How do I make an appointment with you?

    To organise an appointment, please get in touch with me by phone or email.